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We specialize in kitchen, bath, and full-home remodels. Whether you want to recreate your dream kitchen or simply renovate a bathroom countertop, we can make your vision come to life. Our design-build process ensures a custom design with a remarkable outcome. Say goodbye to home renovation stress. We make the process fun with our friendly staff and positive attitudes.


General Contracting

We can coordinate your project and provide day-to-day oversight for your construction site. Our staff brings years of expertise and high-quality workmanship to their work. Contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your project.


Real Estate Consulting

Through our consulting services, we can help property owners realize opportunities for growth and enhance the value of their real estate. Our real estate valuation services include a full spectrum of research and analysis as well as on-site evaluations. We enjoy advising clients to help them identify the best investment opportunities in the area.


What Our Customers are Saying...

“Construction and remodel projects are often quite the undertaking in terms of time, inconvenience and overall interruption to one’s life. Fortunately, the construction Gods were shining upon me when I found Ruepp Construction.

I had a multiple projects that I needed completed at my home, some ranging from quite simple touch up and small improvements to some not so simple, such as sourcing fireplaces for my great room and master bedroom. Mike Ruepp spent an extraordinary amount of time brainstorming ideas and providing possible sources to meet my picky nature when attempting to locate the perfect fireplace mantel. Benny, a member of the Ruepp construction team, was simply amazing. I literally gave them my garage code and showed them what I needed done. The work was completed as if by miraculous means. On one occasion, they had a difficult time locating my paint. They simply went to the store, mixed the paint, purchased the paint, touched up areas in need of touch up, and I did not even know it was a challenge or dilemma – it was done!

My marble fireplace came out absolutely perfect, in spite of the fact that we encountered a few challenges due to the location and limited space. Again Ruepp Construction had solutions to offer before presenting the problem, and, in fact, the suggested modifications resulted in a look that overall exceeded my expectations!

Their work is impeccable. Their willingness to meet my deadlines and work around our home schedules made it such a pleasure to work with Ruepp Construction. It is obvious that this company carefully considers the needs of the customer. They respect and honor the importance of the homeowners comfort during the work phase and go to great lengths to ensure that little to no imposition occurs.

I was so confident with Ruepp Construction and their work ethic, integrity and trustworthiness that I provided my garage code and keys to my home so that they could work without interruption to their schedule or mine. Returning home each evening, one could hardly notice that only hours before there were probably paint cans, marble strips, and a variety of tools laying around. They cleaned up each evening before leaving, even to include vacuuming! When they used my back yard to cut and modify marble to fit perfectly, it was left spotless.

I am sure that in the future I will have additional projects, and it is with complete confidence that I say Ruepp Construction will be my first phone call.”

Anne C.

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