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Ruepp Design Build Process

Ruepp Construction Inc. Design-Build Process

Remodeling is a difficult task to complete, and with questions, costs, existing conditions, and different moving parts in each project, the process truly becomes a customized experience. In order to help you come up with the best value for your new project, Ruepp Construction uses a Design-Build process to help design and build the best product for your needs. Below is what you can expect from this process.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Phone Conversation

Our first contact is a 10-20 minute phone conversation. During this phase, we find out information about the project to see if this is a good fit for both you and Ruepp Construction. Questions we may ask include: the scope of work for the project, special conditions or issues, time frame, plans and specifications completed or needed, and projected budget. Once we get this information, we can then set a time to come out and view the project.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Introduction Appointment

Our initial, complementary on site consultation is an opportunity to conduct a two way interview. Our goal during this visit is to listen carefully and learn more about your remodeling ideas. Then, we can suggest ideas and come up with a rough verbal “ballpark” estimate for the project.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Pre-Construction Agreement

The next step is to sign a Pre-Construction Agreement. This is a fixed-cost proposal including the development of the remodel design, plans, research, specifications, and 3D modeling. This information helps us cater to your specific budgetary and creative needs. Once the construction contract is signed, the pre-construction agreement fee is credited to the project, and pictures, measurements, and sketches of the remodel are taken to start a project plan. Over the next few weeks, a detailed outline of the scope of work will be completed. This is a vital step to ensuring a successful remodeling experience. A date will then be set for the proposal review meeting.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Proposal Meeting

This phase is designed to review the custom remodeling proposal created for your project. We will review the specifications and terms for payment, and make any necessary changes. Following this step, we will collect deposits for ordering materials, and place your project on the remodeling schedule.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Pre-Construction and Pre-Staging

In order to make the project flow smoothly, we need to do certain items ahead of time. By taking care of permit drawings and permit submittals—special orders, and selections, we can expedite the process of your remodel. Scheduling with sub contractors is done at this time as well; and lastly, a pre-construction walkthrough will be completed before beginning the project.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Project Construction

House protection is the first step in beginning construction, as we want to keep you home and happy while we work, with respect for your space and belongings being our highest priority. Inspections will be completed and construction will be carried out based on the plan created in the design stages. This is where all the hard decisions, selections, and planning start to show as the project unfolds.

Ruepp Design Build Process

Project Close Out and Continuing Client Services

As the work winds down, a “punch list” and walkthrough will be completed for remaining items not completed yet. We will then clean up and remove all our tools and debris from the remodel. Your project will then be finalized and your one-year warranty will be completed.

After your project is finished, we are available at any time for maintenance and upgrades, emergency repairs, house checks while you are away, as well as real estate transaction and new project consulting.

Thank you for considering business with Ruepp Construction Inc. We hope you’ll think of us for your next home remodel.

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